Marketing with Attitude

Welcome to the Revolution

Trust in advertising and loyalty to brands is at an all-time low. Traditional advertising is slowly dying, the time has come to relook, not just at how we market to consumers, but how we rebuild genuine human relationships.


We are on the verge of a marketing revolution, and the choice is simple - disrupt or die.

The attitudes and behaviors of consumers have changed dramatically and over the last few years and this shift to social marketing is radically changing the ways brands must interact with their audiences. 

Marketing with attitude is the theory, underlying principles, and the four P's framework that we used to make some of the world's biggest brands famous.

“You can't buy attention anymore, you have to earn it”

Phil Kemish

So W.T.F is M.W.A™

 The New Four P's of social marketing, connecting your brand with a purpose to your people through their passions and physical experiences.

M.W.A helps brands create their story, earn attention and connect with consumers on an emotional level to create a more meaningful, sustainable and human relationship. 

Our approach is the most effective way to truly connect your brand and influence your audience. The talk and workshops help you


Identify the challenges, trends and present opportunities for brands amidst the rise of the consumer revolution


Establishes the 4P's principles to use when connecting with consumers and building a brand strategy


Showcases inspirational stories from brands that are using M.W.A to power their marketing and content


Sets actions to help you win in the human-centered marketing movement 

If you are looking for an energetic, game-changing talk for your conference or want to enquire about one of our workshops - get in touch - let's work together.

Previous Clients

“You brought great energy and inspiration to develop innovative communication structures in the coming future. You certainly broadened perspectives and influenced a lot of young minds.”.

Jaideep Gahdi - Founder Goafest

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“It's not about adverts, it's about human advocacy" 

Much like the ice caps, human relationships with brands are deteriorating at an alarming rate. But, by Marketing with Attitude and adopting the new four Ps, this can change. I believe marketing can change the world, it can be a force for good. It can bring people together, add value to the lives of many and have an outstandingly positive impact on the world.


My passion lies in helping and challenging brands that what to shift their thinking and positively impact their customers and the world, so please drop me a line if you would like to collaborate.