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Meet Phil

Entrepreneur, impact investor and speaker helping people become better leaders so we can create a more sustainable future.

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Only 2% of VC funding goes to ethnic minority and female and founded businesses.  


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My Mission

Improve yourself, inspire people, impact the planet 

​"Skin in the Game" is a content and community series launched in 2023 to help create a platform for minority entrepreneurs and investors to connect and support the growth of a more diverse leadership network and funding landscape. 

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Leadership Coaching

Helping founders grow their business and create better balance through mentoring or investment support.

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Speaking + Events 

Workshops, keynotes and energy packed live events to help connect a community of like minded leaders

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Skin in the Game Podcast 

A new podcast and video content series for entrepreneurs, startups, and impact investors. 


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The Story

Phil is an award winning brand expert, keynote speaker, and serial entrepreneur who has spent the last 20 years building businesses, creating movements and helping to shape culture.

Having started, scaled, failed and succeeded in creating high impact companies, Phil is currently the co-founder and CEO of sustainable tech brand reboxed. He is passionate about mission-driven sustainable business and diversity  and believes that all companies should be more mindful in balancing purpose, people and profit.

Phil is also an active angel investor and connector of dots, helping to raise millions of pounds for start-ups whilst supporting founders and investors on their journey to be better leaders. 

All About Balance

As an avid mental health advocate and meditation enthusiast, Phil’s goal is to have a positive impact on both people and planet. He champions the idea of balance in all aspects of life, aiming to help fellow entrepeneurs live a more mindful, fulfilled and successful life.

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Latest Blogs


Alongside co-founder Matt “Sketcy” Thorne Phil’s full time gig is running sustainable tech company, reboxed.

reboxed is the world's first B Corp Certified  tech recommerce platform, launched in 2019 the circular economy brand has grown 10x, reaching over 10,000 reboxers in 2022 and £3m in revenue within 18 months. 

To make every device carbon neutral they have planted over 50,000 trees and saved 100 tonnes of Co2 as we aim to rehome 100 million devices by 2030.

Check out the site - 

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Latest Content

Word on the Street

“Phil brought great energy and inspiration to develop innovative communication structures in the coming future. He certainly broadened perspectives and influenced a lot of young minds.”.

Jaideep Gahdi - Founder Goafest



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